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Factors Supporting Connie Keel’s Parole Suitability:

The law supports her release

According to the California Supreme Court in In re Sandra Davis Lawrence, an inmate cannot be denied parole unless there is evidence of current dangerousness to society.  Connie Keel has never been violent, and her positive programming and favorable psychological evaluation, all indicate she poses no threat of danger to society if released.

Her positive psychological evaluation supports her release

  • She is mentally stable and does not meet diagnostic markers for any personality disorder
  • She has pro-social values and behavioral self-control and does not pose an immediate threat of dangerousness, should she be released from custody
  • She is committed to recovery and service to others
  • She has consistently expressed credible remorse for the needless death of the store clerk her husband and his cousin killed
  • She has confronted her culpability in the crime, has admitted her failure to prevent it, and has accepted her punishment
  • She has been clean and sober for more than 20-years and exhibits a credible, life-long commitment to abstinence
  • She has voluntarily participated in any and all self-help groups available to her at CIW

Prison administrative facts support her release

  • Her CIW classification score is the lowest possible for her convicted offense
  • She is not viewed as a management problem by custody staff
  • She has never engaged in any violent or aggressive acts while in custody
  • Connie’s Minimum Eligible Parole Date was October 1996.  She has thus served more than 12 years beyond her MEPD.

Connie has developed several marketable, vocational skills

  • Earned her GED
  • Proficiency in Data Processing
  • Proficiency in Upholstery
  • Proficiency in Day Labor
    • Electrician Specialty
    • Roofing Specialty
  • Reports from Ms. Keel’s supervisors at all job locales consistently reflect above average to exceptional ratings across all institutional categories

Connie actively participates in more than 27 therapeutic, community service and spiritual programs in her free time.   The following list is but a sample.

  • 12 Steps
  • Conflict Transformational Skills Workshop
  • Convicted Women Against Abuse
  • Dance Shawl creation for Native American women
  • Inmate Assistance Module for Anger Management
  • MARA
  • Native American Singing Circle
  • Native American Sweat Lodge
  • RAGS
  • Victim Offender Mediation
  • Victim Offender Reconciliation
  • Women of Destiny Ministry
  • Women of Wisdom

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