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Reasons the Board of Parole Hearings (BPH) Chairman believes Connie Keel should be set free:

  • Connie Keel would not pose an unreasonable risk of danger to society or a threat to public safety if released from prison at this time.

  • There is nothing that indicates Connie Keel is or was a violent person.

  • It was not Connie Keel’s fault that the environment she lived in outside of prison was unstable and perpetuated her role as the victim.

  • While in prison Connie Keel takes on leadership roles in the activities she participates in and consistently receives favorable reviews from her vocational supervisors.

  • While in prison, Connie Keel has enhanced her ability to function within the law by participating in a multitude of programs, including more than 27 self-help groups and at least 15 informational or institutional programs.

  • Connie Keel’s case is a classic example of Intimate Partner Battering Syndrome, and there’s significant evidence that any criminal behavior she displayed in the crime was that of a victim of intimate partner battering.

  • Connie Keel has no criminal history, so there’s no indication of violence.

  • Connie Keel’s age, maturation, growth, and greater understanding greatly reduces any possibility of recidivism.

  • Connie Keel has realistic parole plans and significant support from both family and friends.

  • Connie Keel is generally remorseful for the crime victim, understands the nature and magnitude of the offense, and accepts responsibility for her behavior.

  • Connie Keel never once tried to blame her husband for the crime, and you can tell that at the time of the crime, Connie did not have the tools and was not able to stop the offense from occurring, even though she asked her husband not to go through with it.

  • Connie Keel clearly has a desire to give back to the community and be a good citizen

  • By the Board’s calculations, Connie Keel should have served at most between 22 and 23 years for her role in the crime, and she has clearly exceeded that

  • Connie Keel qualifies for most if not all of the suitability factors under Title 15.

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