Connie Keel has been in prison for nearly 30 years. In 1980 she stayed in a car paralyzed in fear while her abusive husband and his cousin made a spur of the moment decision to rob a liquor store and shoot the clerk. Though Ms. Keel
did not commit the actual robbery or murder, she is still behind bars.
Connie Keel with her daughter
On October 29, 2008 a parole board determined that Connie Keel “is suitable for parole and would not pose an unreasonable risk of danger to society or a threat to public safety if released from prison.”
Connie Keel with her kids
As of February 26, 2009, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has to make a decision regarding Connie's freedom.
Let's speak up on her behalf.
Free Connie Keel
 Let's free Connie.
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